What to Do When Your Senior Loved One is Resistant to Home Care

Home Care in Whitestone, NY – Try to Understand Your Elder’s Point of View Before Making Decisions One of the difficulties associated with caring for the elderly is resistance. Some seniors can be extremely resistant to care, even when it is coming from loved ones. If you have experienced this at some point while caring for […]

Home Care Services in Bayside, NY: Hearing Aid Maintenance

Did you know that in-home care services will make sure your loved one has the transportation they need to keep their hearing aids serviced and fitted properly? The home care provider will also remind your loved one to wear their hearing aid and help them to keep it put away when showering or going to […]

Elderly Care in Bayside, NY: Plowing Through the Problems

Baby boomers have been watching the years zoom past, and now one of their paramount concerns is realizing the many problems that can come up in caring for their aging parents. There must be many questions running through your mind right now, questions like: How do you decide when it’s not safe anymore for your […]

Long Distance Caregiving in Flushing, NY: Keeping In Touch

When your aging loved one lives far away and you are organizing the caregiving, it can be really difficult to juggle everything. You wish you could see your mom more often, but your work and family schedule just don’t allow for frequent visits, and she is in no shape to make the long journey anymore. […]