3 Ways that Playing the Piano can Boost Quality Elderly Care

Elderly Care in Manhattan, NY – Explore the Benefits of Piano for Seniors September is National Piano Month, so let’s talk about how playing the piano can boost quality elderly care. Anyone who requires elder care services will likely be facing a number of physical challenges. They may also be enduring some mental health challenges […]

When Family Members Are Uncomfortable with Home Care Services in Whitestone, NY

There are going to be plenty of times when you might feel uncomfortable about certain things that occur with home care services. One of the most significant issues that some family members have when their loved one requires a professional in-home care provider happens to do with using the bathroom. There are many intimate moments […]

Home Care in Flushing, NY – May is Older Americans Month

With May being Older Americans Month, it’s a good time to recognize the contributions made by older Americans. It’s also a good time to study and implement more ways for them to stay healthy, active and safe. In 2014 the theme is Safe Today. Healthy Tomorrow. Elderly adults have a higher incidence of accidental injuries […]

Senior Care in Flushing, NY: Prostate Cancer Awareness

September is prostate cancer awareness month. Prostate cancer affects over 2.5 million men in the United States. This type of cancer is one of the main types of death-causing cancers for men of all races. Elderly men in senior care services may be living with a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Most prostate cancers grow slowly, […]

Elder Care in Flushing, NY: How to Eat Well

The benefits of eating well are no surprise to most people. Eating well is considered to be a vital practice for people of all ages. Daily food choices make important differences in a person’s health, how they look and how they feel. Providing home care for elderly people means that you have some influence on […]

Long Distance Caregiving in Flushing, NY: Keeping In Touch

When your aging loved one lives far away and you are organizing the caregiving, it can be really difficult to juggle everything. You wish you could see your mom more often, but your work and family schedule just don’t allow for frequent visits, and she is in no shape to make the long journey anymore. […]