June Brings Graduations: Traveling and Elder Care in Flushing, NY

Even though June is halfway over, that doesn’t mean that all of the graduations, celebrations, and fun are over yet. In fact, because summer is just beginning, that means it’s time to think about traveling, especially if you have a loved one who relies on elder care. Some things to consider when it comes to […]

Do You Consider Yourself a Caregiver? Why this Matters in Fresh Meadows, NY

If you were to ask 100 people who are caring for an elderly loved one, few would probably consider themselves to be caregivers. It might not seem to matter all that much, but how you view yourself, what you think that you do, does matter. If you are caring for an elderly individual, then you […]

5 Tips for Coping with the End of Senior Care in Bellerose, NY

You had been providing senior care to someone, maybe it was a loved one such as your elderly mother or you were hired to be there for a stranger. No matter what your initial emotional or familial connection to an individual, at some point in time, that senior care will end. Whether it ends because […]

Home Care in Flushing, NY – May is Older Americans Month

With May being Older Americans Month, it’s a good time to recognize the contributions made by older Americans. It’s also a good time to study and implement more ways for them to stay healthy, active and safe. In 2014 the theme is Safe Today. Healthy Tomorrow. Elderly adults have a higher incidence of accidental injuries […]

Senior Care in Little Neck, NY: Senior Care Hiring Options

Have you been considering hiring a senior care worker for a loved one? If so, then you will likely come across a number of potential options to choose from. You can hire through a senior care services organization or agency. This is a place where you would let them know what your loved one required […]

Moving for Elderly Care? Steps to Consider in Fresh Meadows, NY

Moving is one of the five major stressors in a person’s lifetime. Death of a loved one, changing careers, getting married are all others on that list. It doesn’t matter whether your loved one is moving because they want to or because they have no other choice, it’s still going to be a tough moment […]

A Caregiver’s Story: Senior Care Options for Mom in Forest Hills, NY

The other day I was talking with my brother who lives a thousand miles away from me and our mother, and the topic of senior care came up. He mentioned that the last time he visited (around the holidays), he noticed that she seemed to have more trouble getting up from the chair and making […]

Elderly Care Providers in Flushing, NY: Are They the Answer You Need?

There are many things in this life that are uncertain. We simply don’t know what the future will hold and while we can certainly make plans to ensure that we have a healthy and safe future, anything can happen. When your elderly loved one is facing any kind of challenge to live alone at home, […]

Traveling as a Caregiver with Your Senior in Flushing, NY

Traveling on a vacation as a caregiver with your elderly loved one isn’t impossible and can be enjoyable if preparations are taken into consideration. There are challenges but the benefits of spending time with your loved one in a vacation environment outweigh any inconveniences. So what tips do you need to make sure everything goes […]

Five Common Reasons Families Take on the Role of being a Caregiver in Bayside, NY

As diverse as one family is to another, there are usually many different reasons why some members take on the role of being a caregiver for an elderly loved one. Some of the reasons are noble, some are out of love, and still others have more to do with finances or other preconceived notions about […]