Dementia and Driving: When Is It Time to Give Up the Keys?

The ability to get out of the house and go where you want when you want is a freedom many of us have enjoyed since we were sixteen! Driving is more than a routine part of adult life; it’s a powerful symbol of competence and independence. It’s also a hard activity to give up. The […]

3 Ways Technology Is Improving Bellerose Elder Care and Helping Seniors Stay Safe at Home

Think back to as recent as 10-20 years ago. Better yet, pull out a photo album (with actual printed pictures!) and notice what’s so prominent today, but was missing then – the technology we all rely on so heavily. A photo taken today at a family gathering, for example, is sure to include a variety […]

Preying on the Lonely: Help Your Elderly Parent Avoid being the Victim of a Scam

Elderly Care in Bayside, NY – Seniors are considerably more susceptible to Being the Target of Illegal Activity Loneliness among the elderly isn’t necessarily the result of a lifelong personality trait. It can be triggered by the loss of a spouse, medical illnesses (which can result in the loss of driving ability), impaired mobility and hearing […]

Driving Lessons I Learned through Elderly Care in Bellerose, NY

If you drive a lot, you probably have developed a number of bad habits. I know I did, but I didn’t realize it until I began providing elderly care for my father. When you think that you are an excellent driver, that everyone else on the road is always at fault, or that traffic lights […]

Add an ICE Contact for Senior Care in Manhattan, NY

Just a few short years ago, about ten, not everyone had a cell phone yet. Today, children as young as nine and people well into their 100s have cell phones. The age of the landline home phone continues to move further and further into the annals of history. For the growing number of seniors who […]

Getting Fit with Elderly Care in Forest Hills, NY

It’s one of the more commonly misunderstood aspects about elderly care: fitness and exercise. How often have you tried to keep an elderly loved one, or even a neighbor, from doing certain things around their house because you don’t think that they should strain their body? Most of us are guilty of this to some […]

Senior Care in Flushing, NY: Home Care Can Help with Low Vision Issues in Seniors

Caring for a senior family member with low vision? Well, there are some basic things you need to know. To start with, learn as much as possible about the problems associated with the specific eye disease that caused the loss of sight. This will help you to take better care of your aged parents with impaired […]