Helping Your Elderly Parent Improve Their Self-Esteem

Senior Care in Whitestone, NY – Rapid Life Changes and Lost Independence can be Detrimental to Senior Self-Worth If your parents are now seniors, then chances are they are dealing with new and different challenges, both physical and mental. The physical difficulties have a direct impact on the mental aspect, and it is important to […]

Senior Care in Whitestone, NY Helps to Keep Seniors Independent

One of the worries that seniors face is the thought of losing their independence due to their health. For instance, reflexes become less sharp and sometimes vision dims. Other problems could also exist,  like not being able to prepare meals because of unsteadiness or difficulty with the knobs or handles on appliances. Problems like these […]

When Senior Care in Whitestone, NY is Too Much

When is senior care too much? It really all depends on the actual situation. If you are a family member who is trying to provide senior care to a loved one, then you might quickly begin to realize that you’ve taken on a responsibility that is far too much for you to handle. You’ll end […]