When Family Members Are Uncomfortable with Home Care Services in Whitestone, NY

Home Care Services in Whitestone, NYThere are going to be plenty of times when you might feel uncomfortable about certain things that occur with home care services. One of the most significant issues that some family members have when their loved one requires a professional in-home care provider happens to do with using the bathroom.

There are many intimate moments in a person’s life that are usually associated with privacy. Going to the bathroom is one of them. So what happens when families or family members feel uncomfortable with the type of work that home care services has to do for the elderly loved one?

It depends on the type of family dynamic as well as the individual. Some individuals will be able to understand that this is the best thing for their loved one. Others may feel that it is an intrusion on privacy and will demand that the in-home care provider keep his or her distance from their loved one when they use facilities.

However, if the elderly patient cannot get down onto the toilet or stand back up on his or her own, then it is absolutely essential that he or she get the proper assistance in order to be safe while using the bathroom.

Some family members may not feel as though this is a very important service for their loved one and may make unreasonable demands of the in-home care provider. If the in-home care provider does not stop assisting the elderly patient (because the patient absolutely needs assistance), then the family members may try to replace the caregiver with another in-home care provider.

This is only going to create a more uncomfortable situation for the patient. When an individual becomes accustomed to working with one in-home care provider, and they have to accept another caregiver in their place, it will continue to add stress to the patient and if he or she does not get the proper level of support where it is needed most, it can not only pose a potentially dangerous situation, it can also reduce the effectiveness of home care services for them.

If you or anyone in your family feels uncomfortable with some of the services that a home care provider offers to your elderly loved one, determine how important that service is to your elderly loved one and if it is vital to their health and safety, accept the fact that it is necessary. If you still can’t accept this, then you need to find a way to separate yourself from the situation.

Remember, home care services is a professional service that is designed to help keep your loved one safe and comfortable at home.

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About Kevin Meaney

At 85 my dad lived on his own in Florida for nine months of the year, enjoying the warm weather and playing golf several times a week with friends.
Then one day while taking a walk alone, he suddenly got a little light-headed and fell, resulting in a serious head injury and a four week stay in the hospital and rehab.

Suddenly everything changed.
My dad’s condition after the accident made it clear he could no longer live independently, and after some deliberation my wife and I decided to have him come and live with us in New York.

We were both still working at the time, but I had a home office, and so I became my dad’s primary caregiver/companion during the day. Although my dad was easy going and a low-maintenance guy, he did need some help with washing and dressing, meal preparation, medication reminders, trips to the doctor, and socialization. Always a very outgoing guy, I noticed now that without some encouragement/nudging, he would be content to stay home and watch TV all day.

This experience led me to start Best Senior Home Care.
It helped me really appreciate just how challenging and stressful it can be to care for an aging parent at home. This despite the fact I was lucky enough to have a spouse and grown children at home to help, and many siblings nearby only too happy to assist whenever needed.

Clearly not all families are this fortunate! At Best Senior Home Care, our mission is a simple one – help families in need to find reliable, compassionate caregivers to be there for your loved ones when you can’t be there. Over the last five years we have helped many families in the area with in-home care for an aging parent or other relative. Google Verified Author